Rock Drilling

There is no surprises Brown Piling is renowned in the construction industry as the rock drilling specialist. With an extensive range of core barrels ensures we a leader in the field. We can drill through the most toughest grades of rock. Our core barrels range from 450mm to 1.5 meter in diameter. We also own several down the hole hammers for the hardest  of the rock conditions. Our multitude of Rigs makes us extremely versatile and adaptable and popular with our clients.

Some of our key services include:

  • Design and engineering services – design of any foundation type and associated retaining systems. Including redesign options for potential cost savings.
  • CFA piles – computer monitored
  • Bored piers
  • Permanent and temporary cased piles
  • Rock drilling

Pile testing services

  • Dynamic pile load testing
  • Integrity testing

  • Micro piles
  • Ground anchors
  • Soil nails
  • Contiguous pile walls
  • Secant pile walls
  • Soldier pile walls
  • Slope stabilization

Explanation of Drilling Services Offered:

Browns Piling can supply and install both temporary and permanent anchors including: ground anchors, tie-backs and soil nails.

Browns Piling operates a variety of drill rigs including: excavators ranging in size from 12 ton up to 25 ton, and mast-mounted rigs from 12 ton up to 120 ton. All have substantial drilling depths and are capable of drilling in the majority of ground conditions – including solid rock.

These piles are constructed by drilling with a continuous flight auger (CFA) to the required depth and injecting the concrete through the hollow stem of the auger during its extraction.
CFA piling is a cost-effective, reliable and efficient method of installing piles in the majority of ground conditions. It is suitable in unstable and saturated ground conditions, with minimal noise and vibration.

Our core barrels (cylindrical rock drilling tools) are designed specifically for drilling through rock such as basalt, bluestone, ironstone etc. They are also utilised for penetration through artificial obstacles like masonry and reinforced concrete. An additional advantage of the core barrel is that it will not deflect laterally when encountering deflecting layers of rock or irregular surfaces.

Browns Piling offers equipment and services to supply and install permanent or temporary casings by vibrating or drilling: to support the sides of a pier: to seal out groundwater: or to protect the concrete from contamination by sloughing the sides of the pier. Casing is required if unstable ground conditions and or underground water tables/ground water exist and the CFA method is unsuitable