Browns Piling offers clients a rigorous Quality Assessment program for every project.

World class technologies
Armed with world-class computer technologies, a cutting-edge machinery fleet, highly trained engineers and rig operators, Browns Piling offers foundations which have been acutely monitored throughout each construction phase, to deliver second-to-none results.

All Browns Piling (Continuous Flight Auger) rigs are equipped with stateof-the-art Taralog computers which provide readings of drilling and concreting parameters. The rig operator sends data from each pile via mobile connection for immediate review by the Browns Piling Geotechnical Engineering team at head office. In the case of inadequacy, the pile will either be immediately replaced or undergo further assessment by a qualified in-house engineer. Browns Piling may also carry out additional integrity testing to check the physical integrity of the pile, or develop an alternative solution.

Superior client liaison
Throughout each phase of the project, Browns Piling remains transparent in its approach; keeping the client abreast of all developments and findings. Should any unexpected obstacles arise, Browns Piling will work closely with the client and its advisory team to implement the most effective and efficient solution. Client approval is secured prior to the implementation of all major developments.

Compliance with industry standards
All Browns Piling piles are built and designed in compliance with the Australian standard AS 2159-1995, and as a result, we offer superior inhouse expertise in pile load testing (both static and dynamic). This is carried out in the earliest possible stages of the project to enable the client and Browns Piling designers to adjust and refine pile construction pro-actively, rather than re-actively, later in the project.


Safety is paramount at Browns Piling. It is a continuous process involving all staff; from in-office engineers to on-field laborers. We are dedicated to the implementation and continued improvement of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) policy, and recognize its integral relationship to maximizing company productivity and growth. The safety of our team comes before all other business practices, and our exemplary health and safety record is a testament to this. Our assigned Occupational, Health &
Safety Officer ensures all works are undertaken according to industry codes of practice and statutory guidelines.


Browns Piling has a strong appreciation for the environment and understands the crucial need to preserve its natural state wherever possible. For each project undertaken, Browns Piling works closely with the client, its appointed environmental consultancy team and all key project members, to develop strategies and solutions which aim to minimize environmental impact at all times. All Browns Piling on-site operators and engineers receive a comprehensive environmental brief prior to the commencement of each contract.